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Simple Program for Single Inheritance Using C++ Programming

C++ Simple Example Programs For Beginners

To write a program to find out the payroll system using single inheritance.


Step 1: Start the program.
Step 2: Declare the base class emp.
Step 3: Define and declare the function get() to get the employee details.
Step 4: Declare the derived class salary.
Step 5: Declare and define the function get1() to get the salary details.
Step 6: Define the function calculate() to find the net pay.
Step 7: Define the function display().
Step 8: Create the derived class object.
Step 9: Read the number of employees.
Step 10: Call the function get(),get1() and calculate() to each employees.
Step 11: Call the display().
Step 12: Stop the program.


class emp
     int eno;
     char name[20],des[20];
     void get()
              cout<<"Enter the employee number:";
              cout<<"Enter the employee name:";
              cout<<"Enter the designation:";
class salary:public emp
     float bp,hra,da,pf,np;
     void get1()
              cout<<"Enter the basic pay:";
              cout<<"Enter the Humen Resource Allowance:";
              cout<<"Enter the Dearness Allowance :";
              cout<<"Enter the Profitablity Fund:";
     void calculate()
     void display()
void main()
    int i,n;
    char ch;
    salary s[10];
    cout<<"Enter the number of employee:";
    cout<<"\ne_no \t e_name\t des \t bp \t hra \t da \t pf \t np \n";


Enter the Number of employee:1
Enter the employee No: 150
Enter the employee Name: ram
Enter the designation: Manager
Enter the basic pay: 5000
Enter the HR allowance: 1000
Enter the Dearness allowance: 500
Enter the profitability Fund: 300
E.No   E.name   des      BP    HRA   DA   PF     NP
150    ram      Manager  5000  1000  500  300    6200