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Simple Program for Inline Function Using C++ Programming

C++ Simple Example Programs For Beginners

To write a program to find the multiplication values and the cubic values using inline function.


Step 1: Start the pogram.
Step 2: Declare the class.
Step 3: Declare and define the inline function for multiplication and cube.
Step 4: Declare the class object and variables.
Step 5: Read two values.
Step 6: Call the multiplication and cubic functions using class objects.
Step 7: Return the values.
Step 8: Display.
Step 9: Stop the program.


class line
              inline float mul(float x,float y)
              inline float cube(float x)

void main()
              line obj;
              float val1,val2;
              cout<<"Enter two values:";
              cout<<"\nMultiplication value is:"<<obj.mul(val1,val2);
              cout<<"\n\nCube value is          :"<<obj.cube(val1)<<"\t"<<obj.cube(val2);


              Enter two values: 5  7
              Multiplication Value is: 35
              Cube Value is: 25 and 343