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Simple Program for Friend Function Using C++ Programming

C++ Simple Example Programs For Beginners

To find the mean value of a given number using friend function.


STEP 1:  Start the program.
STEP 2:  Declare the class name as Base with data members and member functions.
STEP 3:  The function get() is used to read the 2 inputs from the user.
STEP 4:  Declare the friend function mean(base ob) inside the class.
STEP 5:  Outside the class to define the friend function and do the following.
STEP 6:  Return the mean value (ob.val1+ob.val2)/2 as a float.
STEP 7:  Stop the program.


class  base
    int val1,val2;
    void get()
       cout<<"Enter two values:";
    friend float mean(base ob);
float mean(base ob)
   return float(ob.val1+ob.val2)/2;
void main()
    base obj;
    cout<<"\n Mean value is : "<<mean(obj);


Enter two values: 10, 20
Mean Value is: 15