1). Simple Example Program for Function In C++

Simple Function Example Programs  In C++


A function is like a black box. It takes in input, does something with it, then spits out an answer.
We have some terminology to refer to functions:
  • A function, call it f, that uses another function g, is said to call g. For example, f calls g to print the squares of ten numbers.
  • A function's inputs are known as its arguments
  • A function g that gives some kind of answer back to f is said to return that answer. For example, g returns the sum of its arguments.


return_type function_name(argumnent)
// body Of the Function

Example Program

/*  Example Program For Simple Example Program Of Function In C++
    little drops @ thiyagaraaj.com

    Coded By:THIYAGARAAJ MP             */


using namespace std;

// Simple Function
void printmessage ()
  cout << "Im Function In C++";

int main()                {
        printmessage ();
        return 0;

Sample Output

Im Function In C++